Full House: Williams and Limbaugh on Christie and Obama

NBC anchor Brian Williams and Rush Limbaugh exchanged charged opinions this week about an unexpected cross-aisle partnership .  President Obama toured New Jersey, a state suffering severe damage from Monday’s storm, with its Governor Chris Christie.  Gov. Christie, a Romney supporter and fierce opponent of Obama has been outspoken about his distaste for the President in the past.

 “Every time there was an opportunity to provide real leadership where the things would be difficult to do, where it’s not a guaranteed layup or a guaranteed photo op, he walks.  Real leadership is not what you see in the White house right now. As I’ve said before, I think it’s a sad day in our country’s history to see a bystander in the Oval Office, and that’s what we have.” — In a story by NBC’s Garrett Haake

But yesterday, Christie made conservative waves when he and the President visited damaged areas.  In a change of heart, or situation, Christie and Obama exchanged compliments and respect.

Not to be outdone by bi-partisanship or disaster civility, Rush Limbaugh, a conservative political commentator and radio host criticized Christie for this post-hurricane tour.  He said “the governor had gone over board in praising a failed president.”

On Thursday, Brian Williams knocked Limbaugh in a dissapointed comment.  “Just when we feared the storm wiped away everything, we learned politics survived,” he said.

And like then Limbaugh was all like O.M.G.:

“Brian, come on. What do you think the stroll on the beach with Obama and Christie was? It was politics. Why do you think Obama called Christie and wanted to go into town? It was politics.”

There isn’t a huge story here—nice coverage of politics is usually undone with accusations of naivete or under reporting.  Though Brian Williams, who spent a portion of his childhood in New Jersey might have made his comment identifying with the citizens. The people affected probably didn’t care if Obama was a purple viking and Christie was a poka-dot ant so long as someone was doing something to help them.  Unfortunately, Limbaugh’s dose of reality has an eerie tone that bi-partisanship, like Big Foot or Nessy, is truly a myth.


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