Election Night’s Graphics Show

Election night’s big show? Pretty Red and Blue graphics.  Television producers and graphics builders pull out all the stops.  Each newscast must bounce back and forth between percent reporting, polls, 2008 results, and live numbers coming in.  Which means—lots and lots of numbers.

To explain numbers that come in fast and furiously, newscasts rely heavily on graphics: Moving pictures that visually display data.  Want to learn how to build some on your own, for fun of course! If you don’t have Rockefeller Center to light up with a big ice map you might find this tutorial helpful.

To build this:

Use this Tutorial.

But building good graphics doesn’t mean the most flashy image you can make move around.  For instance a presidential election visualized by a football field race to a digital White House is a little ridiculous.  Take a look at the flashy yet sometimes confusing BBC designs from 1992-2006.

Notice the touch-screen type thing here which is great until someone touches the wrong thing.

Since most people are visual thinkers, graphics are very important for a thorough newscast.  Let me know if you know of any more helpful at-home graphics or Adobe After Effects tutorials!


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